Motorhoming British Columbia

There is no better way than to see British Columbia in a motorhome. Tour at your own pace with all the amenities of home! Whether you driving across through the Rockies or along the Pacific Coast there are some important things to consider before hitting the road:

1) Always have a good night's sleep. In fact, most rv rental companies will not allow you drive the motorhome if you come from a long haul flight, so you will have to book your first night in a hotel.

2) Mind the speed limit. You aren't driving a Ferrari, and you'll most some beautiful scenery along the way. The speed limits for highways are 100 kph (or 62 mph) and for built up areas its only 50 kph (31 mph).

3) Mind the moose.  (and deer, and any other animal in the road). On average there are nearly 10,000 accidents involving animals in British Columbia. Take care driving and you'll take of our wildlife as well.

4) Don't plan last minute. Unlike rental cars, which have a seemingly endless availability, Canadian motorhomes are very difficult to book during peak times (May -September). European tourists often know this better than locals, as they will book 6 months in advance! Look out for early bird deals because many suppliers will look to fulfill inventory when

5) Off Roading - with the exception of Truck campers, motorhomes weren't designed for 4x4 use. Thankfully highways are in pretty good condition, however don't be tempted if you see logging road or unsealed in the wilderness - a rental motorhome is typically valued over $100,000!

6) Lock up or loose it. Use your common sense, while you might think no one will break into your camper in the BC park system, there are on average over 16,000 vehicle break ins in British Columbia per year. Don't become a statistic, hide any valuables and always lock up!

7) Shop Around: Yes its fun to be spontaneous, but there are so many vehicles to choose from in BC from several well reputed companies. Do want rough it in basic Truck Camper or glamp it in large Motorhome? Or does a campervan fit your bill perfectly. Do you book direct to try get a better deal? Or do book with an agent who can represent you if something goes awry during the process?